Realty Investment Shows in UAE

Why Dubai the top destination for Worldwide Investors?

There are several reasons that can be listed out to highlight Dubai’s advantageous aspects. Despite raising prices, real estate sector in Emirates is experiencing excellent welcome among global consumers and investors because of its strong impact in life style development features like career, technology, architectural expansion, etc.

Authority and Support

Government of Middle East encourages more competitive plans for assets considered both commercial and residential works. This is one of the prominent factors that results in more high raise and architecturally top notch structures arise in UAE.

Realty Events

Land sector events have become common happening in Middle East. These bring to focus the latest and upcoming projects in different parts of Emirates wherein investors will have plenty of options to choose from. Global shows also favor buyers and sellers with plethora of ways to showcase their expectations which in turn will then be considered by property developers from across the world to plan their projects accordingly.

7th Annual International Realty and Investment Show

IREIS 2015 conducts seventh international investment show in Abu Dhabi focusing on assortment of opportunities available in global realty market. This is one among the more exciting kinds of proceedings set for consumers to pick suitable assets at their preferred destination under single roof. These sorts of investment occasions reveal the following advantages including,

  • Many consumers and developers can have chance to meet and share their thoughts

  • There is also ample openings for brokers

  • Institutional investors from leading nations including Gulf, Europe, Asia Pacific and other leading countries try to exhibit their proposals over competitive aspects

  • Experienced property professionals share their dreams over spending on immovable assets

  • These types of events will have reliable records of similar happenings to make it easier to attract buyers from across different nations

  • It will encourage many companies to explore chances of new opportunities to reveal their ideas

  • Expansion of business to new markets

  • Scope of growth across emerging worldwide market.

11th International Property Show

IPS 2015 is yet another top event that is conducted annually in Dubai to get together domestic companies and institutional investors involved in selling and promotional features of realty. This show is accredited by the Dubai Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA). It remain a suitable platform for local as well as global markets to exhibit different category of projects such as residential, industrial, commercial and mixed-use developmental schemes. Through this kind of proceeding business transaction value has grown by 38% per year benefiting for B2B and B2C.

Highlighting Available Categories

Online advertising is also effective when it comes to search for asset in Middle East. Online Classifieds website Oforo brings to you world of assets available for rental, selling and buying in UAE. Consumers can make use of free advertising to promote apartments for sale in Dubai or commercial building for rental in Emirates and many more options.


Among the popular countries Emirates remains the favorite destination for immovable assets. It has become famous place for global property investment events where people from all over the world find plethora of opportunities to make money.