Enjoy Incredible Industrial, Commercial and Residential Offers at Dubai Investment Park

The real estate market in Dubai gets amazing every day and buyers are finding themselves open to great opportunities every day. With such a wide range of opportunities, even decision making becomes a challenge. Consider the new Dubai investment park; your dreams will definitely be fulfilled. Owning land, apartment or even having a business here will ultimately translate to success.

Real Estate Trade and Residential Zones at DIP

The location of this estate is one of the key factors promoting the real estate industry at the park. The place boasts of great geographical position with accessibility to most of the business centers in and around Dubai. What is more exciting is the closeness to the targeted location for the Dubai Expo 2020.

The Disproportionate demand for the residential apartments is due to the exclusivity of the location offering great community life. This creates a good investment climate and guarantees consistent profits.

Great Offers at the Large Retail Sections in DIP

The facility is sub divided into various zones for proper operation of the businesses and good management .There are residential areas, commercial and the industrial areas. These are designed to complement each other and offer an all in one location service. This has made the Dubai Investment Park a most wanted investment destination.

DIP Industrial Area

The industrial section is made idyllic for most kinds of manufacturing industries. The infrastructure to support these industries is at international standards. Road networks and access to ports makes selling and distribution of goods easier and promotes business growth. Some of the major industries at the park include building materials manufacturers, food industries, furniture making, and plastics processing ventures, pharmaceutical industries, textile processors and oil processing factories. Adequate spaces have also been provided for ware housing, storage and even transportation of manufactured goods and services.

Leisure and Recreation Utilities At DIP

Recreation has been afforded at the facility. There are hotels, furnished apartments, leisure and fitness centers and shopping facilities. According to the management of the center, there are up to eight selected plots for hotels construction. This has attracted internationally renowned hotel brands and more are coming in. In addition to these, there are excellent fitness facilities ranging from fitness clubs, swimming, sports and even spas. You will also find outdoor sport games tennis courts and squash, all which give you perfect chance to get back in shape.

Availability of Rentals

To give investors a chance to profit from this earthly paradise, two options can be applied. The subleasing option can be used where already complete units are rent out to tenants and they include offices, showrooms, labor sections, retail for rent and business outlets.

Lease transfer is another option available to investors. The tenants have the option to sell off or transfer their facilities to willing buyers as long as they meet the rules and regulations of DIP. Access to information on available facilities has been made easier through E forms and the tenant’s directory. This can be accessed online hence enabling ease of access.