Search SEDAR Filings easily with InvestorX

If you to invest in the Canadian stock market, you are probably familiar with the System for Electric Document Analysis and Retrieval or SEDAR.COM. It is the Canadian filing system that allows investors to look up public companies and mutual funds filings. Canadian companies are required to file documents, such as annual reports, prospectuses, and other Public Companies Filings and Mutual Funds Filings, through SEDAR. It provides access to vital information needed to make smart investing decisions.

SEDAR.COM is, no doubt, a good tool for looking up Canadian Public Companies information and Canadian Mutual Funds information, but it is not very user friendly: users need to keep on querying the website in order to get access to the latest mutual funds filings and public companies filings from companies or funds that they are interested in. Searching SEDAR filings is also non-trivial: the system restricts searching to a few fields only, such as document title, document type and date range. The good news is that there is an online resource that offers users rich SEDAR Filings searching capabilities and alerts users if there are new filings from specific companies. InvestorX ( is designed to simplify investment research and information flow of vital financial documents. It is a useful tool for wealth advisors, capital markets professionals, and investors.

InvestorX is free to use and allows you to search SEDAR filings and setup alerts. Alerts can be customised. Users can set up alerts by the company name and document type. An email or SMS alert will be delivered by the system once SEDAR filings are published allowing the user to be on top of market news as they happen.

InvestorX doesn’t require the installation of any software on desktop, laptop, or mobile devices. PDF files can be easily viewed no matter the device and can be displayed as a popup or in a separate browser window. This is perfect for smartphone users or those with a dual monitor setup.

InvestorX provides truly rich searching capabilities with access to content within PDF content of public companies filings and mutual funds filings with capability to retrieve information by name, type of document, and other criteria. It also allows the user to view basic information of the company, stock quotes from across the globe, and access interactive charts.

Advantages of Using InvestorX

Public Companies Filings and Mutual Funds Filings supplemented by other research is often needed to determine what stocks or mutual funds to invest in, and when to invest in them. With InvestorX, investing on the stock market is much easier. The research time is reduced as the user can easily find the right documents and get alerted when they are published. InvestorX provides all the right data in a fast and reliable manner. You will not miss a new filing made by a company or fund you’re following with the use of this online resource.
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