Retractable Enclosures

The perfect solution for all projects of development of your business, the answer for who need to take advantage of the open spaces, for who is looking to enjoy the outdoor space in any weather without damaging the environment and obtain protection from the sun, rain, wind, snow and humidity are the retractable enclosures.

Their easy way of use and functionality makes them appropriate also for residential use. They can in fact be easily installed in terraces and gardens of private homes increasing the market value of the property.

Certainly tempting and fascinating, with the advantage of being surrounded by nature while being protected in intimacy.

They will allow you to accommodate your customers all the year, adding value to your business, developing and enhancing the style, comfort, and design and increase your business with the return of your investment guaranteed.

The retractable enclosure system is a third of the length fixed and retractable two-thirds (66% open and closed) and offers the ability to choose when to cover and when enjoying the outdoors. You can open and close it as you like and also you can have shade or enjoy the sun.

Entirely designed and manufactured in America, in compliance with the existing regulations, to ensure the utmost comfort and safety.

Modern, revolutionary and innovative create a cozy atmosphere, increases the aesthetic and commercial value, and offers the opportunity to enjoy an environment of bright all year round, regardless of weather conditions.

Cutting-edge and high quality with unique advantages such as: motorized, sliding, telescopic, mobile, in PVC, poly carbonate, transparent or opaque, and can also be provided with side locks removable or rather whit side panels easily removable and do not need any special maintenance except for occasional cleaning.
Focusing on quality, the aesthetics and high strength can be equipped with professional soundproofing systems that greatly reduce the transmission of sound, wind resistant, designed to prevent the formation of condensate, equipped for the installation of heating systems and conditioning air ,the mechanisms are self-lubricating, are anti seismic and hurricane proof and can be equipped with a device for melting snow.
Their easy use and functionality make the most for your patio, add an additional space to your house or business and increase the value of the property. It's just like creating a new room without incurring the enormous costs of a permanent building and at the same time adding value to your property.

Every single closure is built from zero with the possibility that size, color, material, shape can be setup as you wish.
On the website you can find useful information for all types of retractable enclosures.
L.I.TRA.Retractable Enclosures add style, elegance and value to your property, with minimal environmental impact.

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