Sensitive Waters: Nusa Niskala

What think you can feel when you receive a massage, and also of those who awaken thousands of sensations and emotions, you cannot predict because you do not see how? It's a feeling that we have not lived, but if all those customers who have already tried the Nusa Niskala massage that we offer in Thai Center Dubai.

This sensitive massage with water, using the contributions of hydrotherapy, is a unique massage. Made in a special pool with tatami, massage Nusa Niskala, is based on the principles of Nusa massage, which combines hydrotherapy treatments and aromatherapy massage when we applied to the body a combination of pressures, aided by hot water and warm creams; with the new feature that makes it different, fun and intimate, pleasant: both the client and the masseuse must wear a mask during the middle of treatment.

The duration of the massage is one hour, subdivided into a first part of 20 minutes takes place in the pool, and about 40 minutes, in which the masseuse will be recreated on our body, lying on the mat, to offer massage we deserve. The Massage in Dubai we apply the whole body a combination of pressures, helped by those warm waters hallmark of our service sensitive water massage, and warm creams.

A unique experience that brings the exploitation of maximum pleasure, but also those healthy reports that both need to relax and ignore the problems that haunt us every day.

Visit Thai Center Dubai and discover this and many other unique massages we offer in our menu of services. Massage loaded with eroticism and sensuality that will delight the most eager. Will you not succumb to this sin as healthy as are the massage? The feeling is indescribable. Do not let people tell it, because no one better than you'll know it's like to get a Dubai Massage of this type in our center.

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