Vitamin D Deficiency in Dogs?

Vitamin D for dogs?
Yes, dogs need vitamin D. Research indicates that dogs need sunlight to aid in the production of vitamin D. Unfortunately, in modern-day homes with 2 working parents dogs are left at home for extended periods of time. Even if your are considerate dog owner and enroll your dog into the local dog daycare your dog may still suffer from a vitamin D deficiency due to insufficient access to sunlight.

Why is Vitamin D important for Dogs?

Vitamin D

Vitamin D deficiency leads to rickets, a bone deformity disease that dogs may be more prone to than cats.
This vitamin prevents osteoporosis and hypocalcemia, and is essential for normal teeth, bones, and growth; and in the absorption of calcium and phosphorus.
Vitamin D in nature is formed on the animal or human skin by sunlight-indoor cats have no way to synthesize it for themselves and the vitamin is not included in most pet foods.
Cod liver oil is a prime source.

Dogs are pack animals. Unfortunately, dogs spend fewer hours in the sun than nature intended.The key to solving this problem is to hire a competent dog walker or enroll your dog in daycare that facilitates numerous walks while your furry friend is away from home.

Boston Dog Company is one of the only dog daycares in Massachusetts which walks dogs every 2-2.5hours. Most dog daycares that offer a dog walking service charge an additional fee normally between $5-7 per walk. At Boston Dog, we feel no need to charge for a service that dogs should be receiving as part of a high-standard of care.

Any dog owner interested in a dog daycare should inquire how many times the dogs are walked during the course of a day. If the dog daycare staff or owners cannot provide a clear definitive answer you should be considered about the quality of care your furry friend is receiving.

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