Tips On Finding Your Dream Dress!

DO – Have an idea of what you’re looking for. Bring pictures. Or at least know what over all feel you are going for—romantic, beachy, contemporary, etc. Give your personal stylist something to work with.

DO – Be open-minded. Don’t be afraid to try something new or that you had not thought of before. Especially if this is your first time shopping because you might be surprised at how amazing you look in a style, cut, or length that you normally would not have expected.

DO – Trust your personal stylist. Utilize your time with her. Your stylist is an expert on these gowns. If she suggests something for you to try, consider trying it, even if you don’t initially love it. Everything looks different on the hanger.

DON’T – Bring an entourage. Don’t feel like you need an audience. It is important to bring people who you trust and whose opinions matter most. Between different opinions, tastes, generations, and knowledge on your particular style, you will only end up more confused with a big entourage.

DON’T – Just stand there. Move around in the dress. Sit down in it. Look at it from all angles. Take pictures and see how it photographs. The feel is often just as important as the look.

DON’T – Try on so many dresses that you confuse yourself. Choice is great! But too many choices can often sway your decision in the wrong direction. Go with your gut. It is ok to have your bridal moment in one of the first few dresses that you have tried on. It actually happens more often that you would think!

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