Stainless Steel Jewels Care

The Steel like any other metal, is not free from being exposed to scratches or bends, this will depend on the care taken with the piece. On the occasion of preserving in perfect condition indefinitely parts which are finished in black oxide or some other metal baths, special care must be taken with them, as not being a natural color may tend to gradually lose their hue, what can be avoided with simple precautions. Some people tend to have a highly acidic pH in the skin, which causes gradual loss process bath applied to other metals.

Cleaning Tips ...

Dissolve one teaspoon of liquid soap in a cup of warm water, dip a portion of 100% cotton cloth and gently rub the garment. You can also use a toothbrush with soft bristles.
Then rinse with water and dry thoroughly to avoid leaving any residue. You will notice the change and shine of your jewelry instantly.
Do not use this method with enameled jewelry.

Jewels Care
Avoid storing several gems in the same case, individual store and avoid rubbing, scratches, sprains, breaks and loss of stones.
The jewelry with enamel or inlaid stones are especially sensitive to impacts and chemicals. Avoid at all costs they are hit.
Not expose the garments to corrosive agents such as chlorine, fat, sweat, perfume, creams, alkaline agents or salinity for long periods of time.
Avoid wearing perfume, cologne or lotion on the parts and be careful not to cut or scratch those areas blued or plated.
Do not wear your clothes to household cleaning tasks.