Describing FUE Hair Transplant Procedure

There is no exact period is fixed for the problem of hair fall. Along with this it is also true that any person may start getting bald at any hair region of the body. It is seen that in ancient period due to the lack of advancement in medical field the problem of hair fall is used to be taken as something unfortunate but today there is no doubt that with the advancement in the technology things gets automatically changed. Today with the advancement that takes place in the medical field scientist are able to find new ways to cure such diseases.

The best way to cope with the problem of hair fall is the hair transplantation which is usually done by the surgeons with the help of two main methods like FUT and FUE. Let’s start discussing FUE hair transplant in detail:-

Generally the FUE method of hair transplantation starts by taking out the grafts from the back part of the scalp of the patient which starts with the cutting of these grafts which is used to done with the help of a tiny machine which is specially made for the fulfillment of this purpose only. There is no doubt in this fact that the whole procedure of surgery is very tedious which use to cover a long duration of time. But the strongest or the major point due to which people normally like to go for this surgery is that the whole surgery is less painful in comparison to the surgery which is usually done through FUT. The whole surgery becomes painless with the help of anesthesia which is used by a surgeon so that the part of surgery may get numb. During the surgery tiny sites are created with the help of fine blades and needles. After the injections of anesthesia the grafts are then inserted in the donor sites.

The major point due to which people easily rely on this technique of surgery is that the result of this surgery is quite reliable. After the surgery patient may has not to bear the problem of scaring which mainly arises due to the stitches. Along with this it is also true that the recovery time of this surgery is much quicker due to which patient may easily return to his routine work after the gap of one or two days maximum. There is no doubt that whole process of hair transplant in India is tiresome because in completing whole process it normally takes a time of couple of hours.

It is also seen that some surgeons prefer not to bandage the area but in the case if surgeon bandages patient’s scalp then it is necessary that one must act carefully while removing bandage. It is also seen that these transplanted hair roots act and look normal in every way and these started growing slowly and slowly. The other major fact which matters a lot in this surgery is that these hairs do not need any kind of medicine to increase the growth level. These transplanted need extra care. One must need to do shampoo these hairs regularly.