Survival Guide - Evolve

Giant monsters have overrun a planet and you and your friends are in charged with killing the giant beasts and saving the planet with the help of some majestic futuristic weaponry….. enter Evolve, my friends.
Evolve is an asymmetrical video game developed by Turtle Rock Studios and Published by 2K Games. Asymmetrical video game, you might ask? What that means is that 4 players control 4 different characters that work together to bring down a fifth player who controls a monster….. a one man army. This is a really fun and interesting way to play, that, and the cooperative or competitive shooter choice you have when playing the game.

You find yourself in a distant planet called the Shear that has been populated by people in a not so distant future. The planet has been overrun by an alien form of giant monsters and beast that are destroying everything and killing everyone. The players or The Hunters’ mission is to save and evacuate everyone by taking down the monsters with the help of a team of players or characters that specialize in different areas to track down, trap, and hunt the beasts.


Assaults are the main damage-dealers of the team. Their Class Ability is the Personal Shield, which grants temporary invulnerability.

Trappers specialize in tracking down and trapping the Monster. Their Class Ability is the Mobile Arena, a force-field that envelopes an area in order to contain the Monster, forcing it to fight.

Medics focus on keeping the team alive. Their Class Ability is the Healing Burst, which gives all nearby allies a substantial increase to their current health.

Supports possess a variety of versatile tools for aiding allies. Their Class Ability is the Cloaking Device, which turns all nearby allies invisible.

One of the coolest things of the game is that you also get to play as the monsters and as the monsters you get to eat other monster you find and thus “evolve” into a more powerful foe.


Goliath is a highly durable melee Monster with versatile abilities.
-Rock Throw: rips a chunk of earth out of the ground and throws it at an area.
-Fire Breath: spits a jet of liquid flame that does damage for a short time.
-Leap Smash: jumps to an area and deals smash damage where it lands.
-Charge: rushes forward, knocking back enemies it collides with.

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