Wet Metal Cutting Edge Hair Cutting Scissors and Shears Japanese Stainless Steel

Wet Metal attempt to bring advancement and accuracy under the control of the business experts. We are presenting our rich and future situated composed Scissors made with high review of Japanese Stainless Steel. We offer our Professional Hairdressing Scissors with raised edge, hand sharpened and empty ground cutting edges. Every one of our Shears are produced utilizing 440C Stainless Steel and AISI-420 Japanese Stainless Steel, Rockwell HRC 55-66. The Shears with raised edge, intended to give you a perfect, sharp cut. Slide cutting is best proficient with an arched edge.Professional Shears with counterbalance handles are for solace and control. Reflect cleaned with movable screw, Thumb turning, finger rest and hued finger rings are likewise available.Titanium covering of your Professional Razor Edge Scissors/Shears won't just counteract Scissors/Shears from rusting additionally it will expand working existence of your Scissors. We are certain that you will locate a definitive match of Professional Scissors to suit your requirements.