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Healthy Christmas Gift Giving

Christmas shopping is officially underway. As one scrolls down their shopping list, one thing to think about adding is a gift of health and wellness.

It’s a good idea to consider, since so many people think about getting in better health and shape in the New Year. And supplements are a perfect jumpstart.

Why not put this special something under the Christmas tree or inside a Christmas stocking?

“Before picking a supplement, as gift givers, we really have to do our research on the best products out there because there is no substitute for quality,” said Thierry Lerond, founder of leading marine based supplement company, Nutrilys Del Mar, in California and France. 

Lerond has given shoppers a great starting point in finding the best supplements.  For Lerond, natural, pure supplements are far more superior then synthetic.

“First off, you want to find a one-stop-shop with natural supplements and to speak with people who are knowledgeable about what supplements can do what for the body,” he said, adding how early on in the conversation it’s evident between a sales pitch and true education on the subject.  “Each marine supplement is unique and it’s important to find out exactly what each one does.”

The top marine supplements with an array of health perks include:

Premium Oyster Powder: a plentiful supply of natural zinc, premium oyster powder fights fatigue, supports bone and joint health, and promotes beautiful hair, nails and skin.

Alkylglycerols: Harvested from a wild shark species called squalus acanthias fish, this liver oil obtains special lipids and glycerol factors which boost immunity, increases strength and energy, fights fatigue and gently detoxifies.

Vitamin D3: Collected from Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon Oil, this ultra pure vitamin D3 supplement offers the same benefits as natural sunlight and, it offers organic antimicrobial peptides which aids in the fight against bacteria and viruses.

Fucorich®: This wild organic wakame seaweed, rich in nutrients, is cropped in the pristine waters of Patagonia. Its multiple health benefits are anti-aging, a boost in immunity, supports digestion, and gently detoxifies.

Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon Oil: A pure and whole-food supplement provides a daily nutritional addition of omegas, vitamins A and D, and the superior antioxidant, astaxanthin.

Astaxanthin: a powerhouse antioxidant, this gem from the sea increases energy, offers natural luminous skin, supports cardiovascular and brain health, and promotes joint health.

For women, a marine supplement combination of premium oyster powder, wild Alaskan sockeye salmon oil, Fucorich, and astaxanthin will not only have incredible anti-aging benefits on the skin, but it’s highly sought after in terms of a daily skincare regimen. While topical creams and serums are fantastic, these supplement types create beauty from the inside out not to mention boosting overall health.

“For the men in your life or for those who are sports enthusiasts, a shark liver oil supplement such as Military Formula is an exceptional gift,” Lerond pointed out. “In addition to boosting immunity, the natural alkylglcerols in this soft gel supplement increases strength helps with muscle recovery after an intense workout, and helps with fatigue so your concentration is more acute. Even active women love this supplement.”

Giving the gift of health and wellness is truly a gift that keeps on giving all year round.

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