coal briquette machine configuration soft start

Due to the electric load is relatively large, many coal briquette factories do start equipment directly. But this consequences make the motor over current for a long time, thus will reduce the motor coil insulation, it won't be long before there is motor burning phenomenon.
Many coal briquette factories which didn’t match soft start, within a year it will be the motor burning phenomenon basically, seriously affecting the normal running of production. Operating costs are high. Motor greatly shorten service life. At the same time due to large starting current, some of the impact of coal briquettes machine drive is bigger also, loss increase. So coal briquette machine without soft start, the normal production operation brings the very big negative consequences, so coal rods machine shall be configuration soft start.

Coal briquette machine is widely used to make briquettes from various powdery materials, including aluminium powder, magnesium powder, ore powder, active charcoal powder, alumina,caustic soda (sodium hydroxide), clay, coke powder, coal, cryolite, chemical fertilizer, plastic, calces, pigment etc. without using binder.The main purpose of the machine is to reduce powder pollution, minimize size/capacity of raw material, recycle and make more it convenient for transportation.This briquette press machine is characterized by high efficiency and low power consumption, compact structure and so on.

Coal briquette machine operation has its special points:
1. The starting speed fast,
2 starting frequently.
3. Often need points to move.
4. Big power, generally USES the 200-220 - kw motor, starting current is big.
General soft start are unable to meet its requirements for starting long time. Since the coupling transformer decompression can't coal briquettes machine to meet the demand of the launch. This because the lotus root transformer decompression starting characteristic is:
a, not frequent starting, if continuous fever starting, the starting of the cooling time should be no less than 4 hours to start again;
B, starting time is long; if use, it is easy to burn. So when choosing coal briquette machine configuration soft start, please be careful.

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