Lending For Merchants

At Lending for Merchants we understand the needs of businesses today!!

Lending for Merchants gives you an opportunity to leverage the greatest untapped asset you have... your future sales!

Get Working Capital for your Business

Receive up to $2 Million - FAST!

Are you having a hard time getting funding from banks, or small business loans?

LENDING FOR MERCHANTS can provide you with the cash you need fast! We are a credit card payment processing company that provides merchants with fast cash advances based on future credit card transactions.

Its Easy to Apply

Your approval chances are MUCH HIGHER as compared to other sources of funding.

No collateral required.

Fast Cash - Funds are usually available within 72 hours.

No fixed payment amount. (The amount varies according to your credit card processing volume)

No fixed payment schedule. (Typically merchant cash advances are paid off in about 6 - 7 months. Good performance is rewarded by additional funding becoming available.)

No traditional personal guarantee required.

Approval is not conditional upon high credit score.

Bankruptcy, Liens, Foreclosures? No problem!

Uses for your business cash advance:

Capital Equipment Purchase


Paying Taxes

Marketing Programs


Catching up on Rent or other bills



And more....

Find out how much cash your business qualifies for today!

Get Cash in 72 Hours

Get started today by filling out the form to the bottom...

OR by calling us at 954-394-5387

email us at: lendingformerchants@financier.com

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