Making Money Online Through Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is an exciting home business that you can run from your personal computer, or notebook. I have participated in affiliate marketing since back in 1998, before the term "affiliate marketing" even existed. I started out marketing different online services on free classifieds, and eventually I graduated to marketing for companies with free affiliate programs. I have my own sites within several niche markets, such as Sports, Online Shopping (several targeted niches), Natural Health (emphasis on natural herbal remedies) and other general business categories related to affiliate marketing. I highly recommend the Premium Advertiser Deal at USFreeAds (I am a subscriber).

Affiliate Programs & Affiliate Networks are free to participate in for affiliates. To sign up all you have to do is go to the site and go through the signup forms, and wait for approval. Some affiliate programs have no approval process, while some very definately do require a review of your websites and personal information. I also discuss many different aspects of affiliate marketing within my Affiliate Marketing Blog. Most affiliates publish their own blog.

Where can a person learn this business of Affiliate Marketing? Courses abound and ebooks are never ending, but one stands out to me. Super Affiliate Handbook is written by Rosalind Gardner, and it is the most complete guide I have ever seen, and I own a copy myself. It's a complete "how to" guide for this business.

I recommend that you sign up for a top notch affiliate network like SHAREASALE. If you are a merchant or an affiliate this is a top notch network. I have written a pretty extensive review of Shareasale with the reasons why I love using the network. Read my Review.

In this wonderful business, there are many different ways to make money. I use my core domain here for many of my niche product stores, informational pages and core affiliate presentations, but I also have other resources. My affiliate marketing blog is hosted by Google on Blogger, and I have several other blogs there as well. I also have a very high traffic blog on another 3rd party platform (free of course), and I even use Wordpress now for my snowboard selling activities. The key to all affiliate activities is good content, professional and ethical ads and articles and being creative. Don't be afraid to try new markets, new ideas, new social media platforms or whatever comes along. If you keep creating and working on your affiliate business, it will make money. I read and research quite a bit as I go along, and I seek new small bits of knowledge in everything I do or try.
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