HSE Accreditation and the First Aid Trainer

Also very much in the Lofstedt report is how it effect First Aid at Work training in the UK. HSE who accredit all training providers in the UK were to stop their accreditation of first aid training on 6 April but this has now been updated to the 1st October 2013.

What does this mean for first aid trainers and first aid training companies?

As of 1st October 2013 there will be no HSE approval and the HSE have transfer this accreditation process on to 1 of 3 of the following routes.

1.) Route 1 – Voluntary Aid Societies (Red Cross, St Johns Ambulance, St Andrews Ambulance) But this route is not good for the commercial trainer or business as it will be closed for you, as you will be seen as extra competition for their advertised courses.

2.) Route 2 – Ofqual or SQA Recognised Awarding Body – This route will be the most popular as it gives assurance of external accreditation for the new Emergency First Aid courses and the new First Aid at Work courses. You would apply to one of the awarding bodies such as http://www.safecertawards.com, but there are others just visit the SQA or OfQual website for a list. You would then apply to become an accredited centre and then you would be able to gain accredited certification for your courses.

3.) Route 3 – Trade Associations – This route is not the most popular as their are no external accreditation service in place and therefor HSE advise on doing your own risk assessment on the training to see if it is fit for purpose.

So I am already a First Aid Instructor how can I continue to teach first aid?

Easiest route is to contact one of the awarding bodies to become a registered trainer at a registered centre, so you can teach the new accredited first aid awards.

I don’t teach first aid now, so can I get qualified?

You need a a current first aid at work award plus a recognized teaching award such as the PTLLS qualification or first aid trainer specific one such as EDI approved First Aid Trainer (Level 3) award from for example http://www.abertaytraining.co.uk but there are others.

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