OneSource iSell Helps Your Sales with Hot Prospects

OneSource iSell transforms the way that you sell by continuously delivering the most timely and relevant opportunities personalized to your specific needs—whether by territory, company size, vertical, or other criteria. Focus Selling Efforts on the Hottest Prospects to Drive More Revenue
Focusing sales efforts on the most relevant and timely opportunities results in the greatest revenue and most productive use of sales resources. The question has always been how to find and focus on the hottest prospects?

Quickly evaluate prospects, see related trigger events and even add a "prospectability" rating to contacts.

iSell solves the problem by delivering relevant trigger, company and contact information in one drag-and-drop interface.

OneSource iSell is highly personalized so it delivers the prospects that are most relevant to you.

Whether targeting specific titles, certain types of sales triggers, geographies, industries, company types, or even named accounts, iSell delivers prospects precisely fitting your criteria.