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Snowboard courses

Snowboarding info

Deep snow (powder snow) with a snowboard - "in the Powder all seems so easy, sort of quiet, so as if you were floating.

Before you start:

Powder are known only in lots of snow. Lots of snow is not only fun, but also means increased caution. Before each Powdertag therefore a security check at the lift company, Avalanche Mountain Rescue or the telephone is essential.

It would be a shame if they cancel a perfect day at lunchtime would have, because you are in a rough trench finds.

If it goes in and really steep alpine terrain, the emergency equipment is a must (avalanche transceiver, shovel, probe) is. Even handling it should be practiced beforehand.

One may assume that you want to avoid injuries while snowboarding. Therefore, we would put you before the first departure a few stretching exercises to my heart. At least briefly the major muscle groups: shoulders, torso and legs should be stretched. The whole process takes maybe 5 minutes and Powder guarantees carefree fun.

Powder Technology:
In the Powder wants to extend his swings throughout the curve inner layer, so feel the centrifugal force. This works best when the swings are gone as high momentum.

When running high Relieve drowning the board also less likely to dig in or in deep snow. The depression is really relieve the other hand, mainly used in racing, where a quick edge to edge between victory and defeat.

Even when powdering it is important to be technically correct on the board says, pelvis and shoulders are rotated in the same direction, keeping the knee angle between 40 and 80 degrees, making sure that the body continues to focus on the board.

Thus, the Board does not digs, one should in powder with a little reserve to go to work. This is achieved by bringing the rear leg is more stressed and thus increased the pressure on the tail.

At the frontside turns, you reach the desired reserve by a stretching of the front leg. With Backside Turns it easier for us to go into reserve and thus increase the pressure on the tail. The inclined position of the feet and the back side and heel pressure to help with this.

Basically is recommended to start with the Powdertag pace, according to the motto: "The early one gets the best powder". One should try to ride in the powder as brave, raise the level gradually and not be deterred by small falls.

The more trained to behave in such exceptional situations, the lower is the risk of injury. One should try to overthrow the whole body to be tense and active to fight against the fall.

Material tips:
In deep snow, you should use the same material, which takes you to the usual free-riding. Generally, a board to be a bit wider off-piste skiing (from about 22 cm), since a wider board glides through the powder better.
Warm and dry clothes is a matter of course. It is advisable to wear a helmet and back protector, you never know whether it is hidden under one magnificent white stone.

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