ski course Lofer

ski course information

instructors-6Unsere ski instructors set up where they stand with just your skills. Show you the first steps in the snow, working on your driving style to the optimum driving pleasure.

The adult ski groups consist of about 8 people on the same level of performance. We show you simple, functional exercises, and observe whether they are running properly.

lofereralm-winter-8Zum optimum driving pleasure is often missing just one small step!

Learned there is really successful, there is space for fun, excitement and entertainment. Sociability and harmony have a high priority, just to experience nature in our fascinating world.

Therefore, according to the skills we use the ski resort of Lofer for beautiful alpine world experience descents. Our experienced and responsible skiing instructors pay attention to optimal route selection and the safety of our guests.
Cross-country ski lessons

Cross country skiing is one of the healthiest sports. With nature, serenity and joy of movement are strong arguments for this sport.

Running basic steps, double pole, shutting down and brakes, training of coordination skills are the contents of our cross-country ski course.

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