Ski lessons for children in Lofer

Ski lessons for children

Skikursabngebot for children from 4-10 years

Skiunterreicht 6 days 4 hours per day with qualified instructors
Free lunchtime supervision (without Essse and drinks)
Lofino memory button
Participation in the Ski Show "Magic Night of Fire '
Final race with certificates / trophies and medals for all participants
Safety training course with security security skischuleigenen fun
Getting Started in L. A. FUN PARK
6 / 7 days ski equipment ski / poles / boots / helmet
Rent-free exchange of items available daily
Free ski and boot depot!

Children whose parents both borrow from the silver category will receive the
Rental costs back!

Price € 235.00!

child-winterspassWas you should expect from a good ski school?

In order to know his children in good hands, you should consider when selecting the ski school at some point in the field of child education.

First of all, it is very important that the Ski School offers ski courses tailored specifically to children.

Such a children's ski lessons should include:

kinderland-tal-40Ein own ski area, which is designed for children is the motivation for the ski midgets very beneficial. Through playful exercise helps (to drive through gates, ropes, huts, etc.) can be placed on the variety of lessons and learning process easier and sometimes even faster.

A means of transport (eg, children's ski lift, etc.) is certainly a pleasant, relaxing experience advantage, however, one should not forget that the children should also learn to conquer a hill with a slight slope alone.

The so-called "treteln" is a skill that is often neglected in the children's ski school, but is very important for an aspiring skiers.

An included lunch care is another point that should not miss on a successful children's ski lessons: first, eating together in the group encourages a good climate and other confidential and you know as a parent his children in a reliable supervision.

to provide child-land-berg Lofino-7 The biggest task for the children in ski enjoyment, certainly has the / the kids ski / in: the relationship between instructor and child from the beginning marked by trust, addressing the needs and positive charisma, it is usually only a matter of time until the child feels a fiddle in the ski group.

At times it is even better, his baby from the beginning to let themselves alone and in the ski group, because the distraction can be very large by the parents.

If all these points are also still available and there is an additional program for children outside of lessons, fun, fun and success is guaranteed in the ski!

Children's ski lessons for beginners


If you're never been on skis, it has it relatively easy. Classes begin with walking on skis. After all, our young master as they learn how come from the assembly point to the lift.

Is also quite fast the conveyor belt (magic carpet) are used. The magic carpet is a new lift that should not be underestimated, not only because the children come up without the help of instructors, but also because it is the perseverance of the children not to the test.

Although it initially has the appearance that make our ski midgets little progress, they will be surprised after a few days. Suddenly you will find their kids on the lift!

Advanced ski lessons for children

9:30 clock Sunday morning. An exciting day for our young Skischulbesucher. For most children, the "ancestor" is a tricky business. The first time to be back on the boards and then immediately go down the slope is not an easy task!

The ancestors determined basically only the initial level of the children. As it turns out, in some cases only after some time that the true ability, the group may change the scale at the mountain yet.

In the Ski & Snowboard School Lofer on the first day trying to create a good group dynamics. This is necessary for further learning.

Depending on the group level then the skills of individual students is being expanded. In the morning is usually conducted by the technical program, the afternoon is used for hardening and lots of fun!

We can do the following tools:

Lofino Ski Cross:
A kind of obstacle course with built-in waves and steep turns. The Ski-cross is used to improve the following skills:

Agility, balance and coordination
Assess and take advantage of terrain
Speed ​​control in diversified terrain

A visible self-control in order to solve existing problems while skiing in a playful way.

Snow sails:
This "parachute" helps its braking performance position and enables the children to difficulties on steep slopes.
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