Ski School Lofer - Skis & Ski courses

Ski School Lofer - Skis & Ski courses

Welcome to the Ski & Snowboard School Lofer

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Our team is ready for you!

In our new Skischulgebäude there are now even more choice, quality and service!

Ski lessons and ski hire
Ski lessons: Veiel adults learn to ski with us in our ski courses. Perfectly tailored to bring adult ski lessons particularly rapid progress, even faster than in a group ski lessons you learn as skiing in a private ski lesson. -> Ski

Children's ski school: Only the Ski School Lofer offers in bad weather conditions, a children's ski country in the valley. In good conditions for skiing is the big mountain ski Kinderland Lofino ready with many advantages. Ski lessons for children are offered continuously. Children's courses can be conducted in multiple languages. -> Children's courses

Family Ski lessons: Ski School Lofer HIT A are the family ski lessons! Children do not go to a children's ski school and the parents are not in a private or group ski lessons ski course, you can spend the holiday and to surf and learn together in a family ski to ski. -> Family Ski Courses

Snowboard lesson: snowboarding you lerenen fastest in a snowboard school, where you get shown the various techniques. Snowboarding is still very much in vogue. Old and young is individually trained with us, it is particularly exciting in our snowboard courses, when it comes to the Terrain Park LA -> Snowbaordkurse

Private ski lessons: In a private ski lessons you lerenen skiing very fast. In a private ski lessons, you can decide on what you want piste skiing in the ski region Lofer. Since the instructor can focus 100% on you, Private ski lessons are particularly popular. The ski-time AKNN erhelbich be shortened. -> Private ski lessons

Cross-country course: learning more and more cross-country skiing in a long-running school, you learn to perfect the technique cross-country in the shortest possible time. Kanglaufkurse can be done privately or in a small-group cross-country skiing. Cross-country courses are conducted in the ski region Lofer or in the valley. We apologize for cross-country courses for early registration! -> Cross-country courses

You can find a family or as a snow sport of skiing enthusiasts-beginner no more ideal as a winter resort Lofer.

Lofer Lofer world and the pastures are most suitable for family skiing and snow sports beginners! Rapid learning, quality teaching and professional organizations are particularly important to us and, of course, the personal contact between guests and ski instructors and the experience of winter and mountain scenery.

About 20 professionally trained instructors / female and
Nannies / Interior are in use at the ski school Lofer.

A handpicked team of mostly local professionals, the best knowledge of local conditions and a good portion of Alpine charm. Of course, we speak several languages ​​including English, Dutch, Danish, French, Italian.

Ski School Lofer

Another big advantage for our guests - all services under one house!

Skiing, rent a ski & board, sports shop, ski storage, lift ticket service.

Thus offers a ski school Lofer Herbst the high standard that can handle the guests is expected. The types of lessons and Skilehrplan are characterized by the advantages of the Austrian ski school and the enthusiasm for snow sports.

But the best quality evidence to provide our guests who are happy at the end of each ski course to next year and declare: It was just beautiful!
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