Endermologie: An Ideal Cosmetic Business to Start

Endermologie is the answer. Endermologie originated in the mid-1980s when a French engineer who was getting manual massage to loosen his burned and contracted skin noticed how difficult it was on the nurse's hands. He took it upon himself to design a machine that could mimic the actions of pulling and rolling. To make a long story short, it resulted in the CelluM6 Keymodule machine-- a technologically advanced machine that uses variable speed and direction rollers combined with variable suction to "mechanize" the dermis.

Patients noticed that the treatment resulted in smoother skin, so research was done to determine if it could help with cellulite, lymphatic insufficiency, and delayed onset muscle syndrome. Several research studies discovered that the treatment did in fact result in biological changes that benefitted the skin and circulation. Before long, protocols were developed exclusively for reducing the bumpy appearance of cellulite, and Endermologie was born.