The Weehoo Bike Experience - Freedom!

We thank parents who believe in taking children along and providing them the excitement and exercise that Weehoo has to offer. We thank our retail partners who believe that customers deserve the best bicycle trailers and demonstrate this by offering them Weehoo.

The Weehoo story...

On vacation in Colorado, two parents longed to explore the Vail bike paths. With 5-year old twins, the idea wasn't looking hopeful. The duration that the twins tolerated a buggy trailer was very short. The wife wasn't comfortable riding the long fast decents with a trailer bike. They resigned to walking around town instead.
Literally, that night, in a dream, our founder did experience what it would be like to explore the valley with his family - by bicycle trailer.
Before his feet hit the floor the following morning, he grabbed the hotel notepad and sketched the Weehoo iGo bicycle trailer exactly as it is today. Once back home in Denver, welders and benders replaced the cars in the garage. Months later, they were riding with their twins enjoying all that Colorado had to offer - by bike!
The twins couldn't get enough of the Weehoo. Rides turned into 3-hour effortless adventures. No meltdowns, no fussing. The children loved the Weehoo no matter how long the rides grew. Conversation flowed between parent and child. The twins engaged the open air, breeze, sights and sounds that nature had to offer. The destination became secondary to the adventure of riding there. It was a success.
And the children pedalled. So much so that riding with the children was as effortless as riding alone.
From that point, the Weehoo team didn't let anything keep them from getting the Weehoo to parents who wanted one. Today, the Weehoo trailer is available in nearly all of the top 100 bicycle retailers in the USA and Canada and in several countries around the world.

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