What Alternative Doctors Do When Their Loved Ones Get Cancer

Dr. Stanley R. Olsztyn is a medical doctor who also practices alternative medicine. That was a very lucky thing for his son, Mark, who had a tumor the size of a walnut removed from his brain in 1993. Things seemed okay for five years. But in 1998 a second tumor was found, much more malignant than the first one.

What happened instead was a medical miracle. Mark's dad, the doctor, had learned about one of the newest concepts in nutritional supplements. It is a patented compound that has only been around since 1995.

Give it a few more years, and it might put the American cancer industry out of business! All the surgery, radiation, and poisonous chemotherapy may become a thing of the past. You see...

Your body can fix itself! Establishment medicine has figured out that cancer is often caused by DNA gone haywire. Our DNA is damaged all the time by free radicals, toxins, pollutants and other attackers - every minute of every day!

Yet most of us do not get cancer. Thanks to one of natures wonders, DNA can repair itself most of the time. It is when your cells lose this ability to fix themselves that cancer follows.

Let me repeat, this is sound science, accepted by the medical establishment. What the medical establishment will not accept is the discovery Dr. Olsztyn recommended to his son...

A revolutionary new supplement that can repair damaged, cancer-prone DNA - This alternative health breakthrough combines several natural nutrients that help DNA repair itself. Then it binds them together with another nutrient that can travel anywhere in the body, even past the blood-brain barrier that keeps many nutrients out. This unique feature is protected by patent.

It is as if the vitamins, minerals and amino acids in the supplement hitch a ride on an all-terrain vehicle that can go anywhere! Mark was feeling so sick from chemotherapy that he decided to stop and take only the treatment his father recommended.

Five years later, Mark is still alive With no trace of brain cancer! The new supplement is the only treatment Mark Olsztyn has taken all that time. His only contact with conventional cancer treatment has been diagnostic MRIs.

Marks story is not the only one......

Sarah Jones, a Denver woman, was diagnosed with breast cancer. And like Mark Olsztyn, she is lucky enough to have an alternative health expert in the family, her husband Bob, a renowned inventor of medical equipment.

Sarah refused all conventional cancer treatments. She even refused a biopsy, because she knew biopsies may spread cancer. Instead, Bob Jones did some research and learned about the same treatment Dr. Olsztyn recommended for his son.

Within six months of beginning treatment, Sarah found her malignant breast tumor had shrunk by two-thirds.....another dramatic case history.

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