- Solid Blinds, Slat Blinds, Venetian Blinds, Miniblinds and Window Shutters

A window blind is a covering for a window , usually attached to the interior side of a window. It simply refers to some device to hide from sight (thus "blinding" the viewer) or to reduce sunlight. There are several kinds of blinds, including:

Slat blinds, which consist of many horizontal, flat slats, usually of metal or vinyl , connected with string in a way that they can be rotated to allow light to pass between the slats, rotated up to about 170 degrees to hide the light, or pulled up so that the entire window is clear. (So special version pulling up diagonally or even down mostly motorised or with hand winder). The rotation of the blinds is achieved by rotating a connector attached to the strings or by pulling a cord; the raising and lowering of the blinds is achieved by pulling a different string. However, there also exists version with a winding mechanisms that combine both functions into one winding rod and can mostly alsobe used for motorisation.
Such blinds include:
Venetian blinds, basic slatted blind made of metal or plastic; wooden slats are sometimes used but these are usually referred to as wood blinds or bamboo blinds. Venetian blinds were introduced around 1770 , possibly in Venice , Italy . Slat width can be between 50-120mm, however most common are 50mm).
Miniblinds, Venetian blinds with very narrow slats (usually 19 or 24mm wide). Vertical blinds, or track blinds, consisting of slats of stiffened fabric, plastic, or metal hanging by one end from a track; like the horizontal versions, the slats can be rotated 90 degrees to allow light to pass through or to fold up on one side of a door or window.
Solid blinds, which either roll up or fold up but cannot be opened in place to allow light through. These are also often referred to as window blinds .
Such blinds include:
Holland blinds , or roller shades, which are pull-down rolling window blinds. Woven-wood blinds, which are slats of decorative wood, bamboo, or other natural material woven together with simple string, colored yarn, or other decorative material to make a nearly solid blind; these either roll up out of the way or fold up out of the way. Wood blinds are known for their energy efficiency, and greater light control, as well as being economical alternatives to shutters. Pleated Shade, which are pleated fabric shades that pull up to sit flat at the top of a window. Cordless pleated shadesare now available from many blind manufacturers..
Fabric Roman Shade, made of fabric or Woven Wood Shade , that pull up by having each section of the shade fold behind a higher section. Fabric Roman Shades are thought of as being easy to operate, and for extremely efficient insulation.

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