AtticMaxx-For Professional Organizers

A father of four and a small business owner in North Carolina came up with the idea for the AtticMaxx shelving system because his wife is a devoted holiday decorator – “a decorating junkie,” he says. His wife doesn’t refer to the timeframe of October through April as the “holiday season” – she calls that time of year “attic season” because they make so many trips up and down the attic stairs retrieving and returning holiday decorations for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Easter.
His wife was frustrated about the “teetering towers of storage totes” stacked to the attic ceiling on their very small amount of floor space. She didn’t understand why her husband, a builder by trade, couldn’t just add more floor space for her boxes. Additional attic floor space wasn’t a simple solution for them because their attic, like that of most housing developments, was built with a truss roofing system and blown-in insulation — therefore, floor space couldn’t easily be added without crushing the insulation or taking on a sizable project.
The creator was challenged to come up with a simple and affordable storage system that could utilize the empty space beyond the current flooring. He tried eight different prototypes and chose the current design because of its limited use of materials and easy installation for virtually any homeowner as a quick do-it-yourself project.

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