My Love Book - For Father's Day!

The process is fast and easy. You select questions to answer that best fit your relationship or style. Then, we take your answers and create a book, by you, for the one you love! Many questions require simple answers, while some are more thought provoking and require more input. We print the questions, along with your answers in a beautiful, hardbound book that will be cherished for years to come.
Don't worry about spelling or grammar, we've got you covered! We have spell check built right into each page that you create. If you are satisfied with your LoveBook, you can just hit the publish and print button when you are done. Or, you can have one of our editors review your LoveBook at no additional charge!
Get started today - it's FREE to start your LoveBook! You don't pay anything until you're finished. You can start and then come back at anytime to continue, so you can create your book at your own pace. Your answers are recorded on our secure server and are kept strictly confidential. We do not share your personal information with anyone. Books are usually printed the same or next day (we print and ship Monday - Friday). When finished, give it as the ultimate gift for an anniversary, birthday, wedding, graduation, Valentine's Day, Mother or Father's Day or just because!

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