Roofing Sales Closes - Roofing Estimate Software

The Best 10 Roofing closes that you can use to help you close more roof sales, and make more money. This sales training video will give some great information about what you can expect during a closing situation.
The information included explains the complete roofing sales process, and these 10 roofing closes have been used, and has created millions of dollars worth the roofing sales for David Deschaine, and his sales people.
You need to have the answers for homeowners during the estimate, and be ready with the right answers. Understand why homeowners need to wait, as they are trying to make a decision, and most of these homeowners are a little concerned about have a roof installed.
Remember that you are there to sell a roofing package, and the homeowners need the roof installed, and they want to know you have integrity to complete the roof on their home. So be ready with this great video with 10 Powerful Roofing Closes.

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