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We have partnered with John Morrison of BetChamp to provide the very best advice for NBA, MLB and NFL Betting. To get you started, here is an easy to learn NFL Betting System that returns around 63 percent winning bets. If you still have not downloaded John's 97 percent winning Betchamp System, click here. John has made over $475,000 using BetChamp. You will receive one MLB betting system, one NBA betting system and the sports picks as they become available. Here is John's 63 percent strategy. I would recommend that you print it out now to start placing more winning bets.

First, take a look at the NFL schedule for the week and identify the underdogs playing at home. Only wager on double digit underdogs. For the underdog team playing at home, take note of the team they are playing against. What you want to do now is compare the stadium surface of the team playing at home against the stadium surface that the away team is used to playing on. I shall list all the NFL teams play surfaces at the bottom of this page. If the underdog team playing at home is playing on a different type of surface than the away teams home stadium, then bet for the home underdog team in the line spread to win.

Basically this NFL betting system is to bet on the underdog team playing at home versus a team that is not used to playing on that stadiums surface type. Always bet on the point spread, not the money line.

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