Find local Roofing Expert with Free Estimates

Every project that is submitted to Renovation Experts is checked over by our competent team of
verifiers who call each and every homeowner who has submitted a job. In addition to checking that
the homeowner wants to go ahead with the renovation they gain additional information such as the square footage of the project, timeline, alternative contact numbers and emails, financing
information, plans and other details which transform a lead into a viable project worthy of
contacting. This system provides a steady stream of available work which can be used as the main
provider of income for the contractor or to fill in gaps between other jobs.

For the homeowners, Renovation Experts provides a more efficient and streamlined alternative to
programs home store installation programs allowing homeowners to received free, competitive
remodeling quotes from qualified remodeling contractors. By employing a selective process for
affiliating with each contractor Renovation Experts makes it possible to for the homeowner to
feel confident that he or she can chose the proper renovation quote from a possible four, free
contractor quote forms. This takes the guesswork out of choosing the right contractor for the job.
With hundreds of thousands of satisfied homeowners why would anyone want to try any other way of
completing a building or renovating project than through Renovation Experts

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