Strategies Implemented to Grow Your Handyman Business

You see, I am no dummy, but I sure can recognize an opportunity when I see one. And based on that, I decided to make a wager with Mr. Handyman. I told him I would implement 5 of the strategies that was on the paper and whatever the gross sales were at the end of 30 days, I wanted 15%.

He agreed!

With that said, Mr. Handyman signed an agreement that outlined the details of our arrangement, and with that, I was in the handyman marketing business.

After that, I threw up a simple web site so all the leads would come to me (local leads of course). I went online and posted a few links. I mailed a few letters, and I printed off some postcards from my printer.

Within the first 24 hours, I had people calling me and requesting quotes. I routed all calls to my office so my office manager could track everything. She basically took all the information and passed it on to Mr. Handyman.