Pebble Tile Installation

Installing Pebble Tile can be a Do-It-Yourself Project, by following the steps below:

  1. Apply the stone cement to the applicable surface (Thinset or Quickset dry the fastest)
  2. Lay the squares next to each other vertically and horizontally and firmly press into the cement.
  3. After the cement has dried, wet the stones or simply apply a coat of sealer with a cloth (although the stones are very hard, any stone has some degree of porosity and will unnecessarily absorb some of the grout). Apply the grout over the top of all the stones and including the alternating open spaces at the edge of the rows.
  4. Wait apx 30 minutes and then sponge off the grout from on top of all the stones....thus the grout will remain between all the stones and at the end of rows.
  5. After the stones have dried, apply the sealer of your choice (retaining - natural appearance - or changing visual of stones using a semi-gloss, high-gloss or stone-enhancer).

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