Birthday, Birthstone

January Birthstone
If you believe you absolutely need that garnet ring like your health depended on it… you might be right. Garnet, named after a pomegranite seed milleniums ago, is known for its health properties. Garnet has been used in fine jewelry for many thousands of years. The Getty Villa Museum in Malibu currently has some ancient garnet jewelry on display from Ancient Greece and the Roman Empire. It was believed to protect from poisoning. And it wasn’t until way later that it was made the January birthstone.

If you weren’t born into a royal family centuries ago, you might never have been fortunate enough to possess a garnet. But get hip with the times, gemstone jewelry is hot — and it will make you feel like royalty everytime you wear it.

February Birthstone
Hey now, you have to share your Amethyst with your Sagittarius friends, because Amethyst isn’t only the birthstone for February, it’s also the birthstone for the Zodiac sign Sagittarius. Amethyst brings peace and tranquility. Who wouldn’t want that? And it dates back to ancient civilizations. In Ancient Greece, amethyst was related to Dionysus, the goddess of wine… so be sure to wear it next time you’re in the mood to party. Wednesday is amethyst day, so even if you’re not lucky enough to be born in February, you can still enjoy it mid-week.

March Birthstone
Ahoy Matey! Aquamarine protects sailors. So be sure to bring your aquamarine when you head out to sea on that luxurious cruise you’ve been looking forward to. Aquamarine also soothes rough relationships, which will be useful for you-know-who. Treat your March baby to this baby blue stone.

April Birthstone
Born in April? Twist my arm. Diamond is your birthstone, and half the women here wish they were born in April too. Celebrate and rock out with your rocks on. You’ll be sparkling so much, you won’t even need a flashlight if the power goes out.

May Birthstone
Emeralds are a magical stone. The best emeralds in the world are found in lush lands, out of a fairytale. That explains why those born in May, may have a 6th sense. For an alternative to Emerald, look at Chrome Diopside, a recently discovered green gemstone from Russia.

June Birthstone
As if bordering spring and summer wasn’t hard enough, those born in June have to decide between Pearl, Moonstone and Alexandrite. Pearls never seem to go out of fashion. If you want to show the world that you’re sophisticated and powerful, put on your strand of pearls and march on.

July Birthstone
Vegas, baby! Vegas! Ruby brings good luck to gamblers, so get ready to light up the town with your smile after a few hours in the casino. Lucky for you, Ruby also symbolizes love and passion. What a knockout combination! Good luck, love and passion — what else could a girl need?

August Birthstone
Peridot, the apple green color gemstone, is the birthstone of August. It was worn in Ancient Greece and Egypt. You can toss your nightlight, because it is supposed to protect against nightmares. Some think it brings power to its owner. Try a peridot pendant for the evening out.

September Birthstone
Sapphire. It’s the most sought after color gemstone in the USA. Sapphire comes in a rainbow variety of colors, with blue being the classic color everyone associates with the name sapphire. Even within the blue family, there are dozens of different shades. The most expensive is actually a padparadcha sapphire, which has colors in it of the sunset (from red to orange to pink).

October Birthstone
Opal or Tourmaline. Take your pick. Both gems can be used as the birthstone of October. We don’t subscribe to the myth that it is bad luck to receive an Opal if you weren’t born in October. Opal comes in a variety of colors, qualities and prices. And tourmaline also comes in the classics of green and pink, red tourmaline is called rubellite, and there are also various shades of blue (including paraiba which is neon blue, and indicolite).

November Birthstone
Citrine. Or is it imperial topaz? Well, citrine has come to be the birthstone for November because it is so readily available compared to imperial topaz. While they may share the same color tones, imperial topaz has a metallic quality that really makes it sparkle more compared to citrine. Either way, you can’t go wrong with a citrine for a November birthday.

December Birthstone
Topaz. Blue topaz? Or blue zircon? Kind of like November, where citrine has taken crown over imperial topaz, irradiated blue topaz has taken over December’s gem at the top of the charts. Blue topaz comes in a variety of shades, from a light blue (called sky blue topaz), to a richer vibrant blue (swiss blue topaz), to a deeper blue (london blue topaz).