Photography Tips, Santa Clause Photo

Tips on capturing photographs of room decorate for the celebration Christmas. This can be challenging in many cases due to the lower lighting levels and the lights of the decorations and Christmas trees themselves.

With modern digital cameras we get a lot of help from the camera its self. If you are not familiar with your cameras settings, we recommend that you get your caners instruction manual and look at how to use some of the following settings and controls

Note you do not have to do all these things just maybe a couple some, the main thing we need to get right is a steady stable non moving platform to take the photographs from (when not using flash). As typically we are looking at long exposures time of ½ second to several seconds depending on the scene and your cameras capabilities and a human is not able to hold a camera still for that long

How to use the flash or use and external flash
How to set ISO speed setting (Try using a ISO setting between 800 -1600, this may cause graininess on some cameras)
How to use the self timer (Use the timer to take your final photographs after you have experim6ented getting the right look and feel for your photographs)
Use Indoor, Night/Dark Settings (Many new cameras have built in settings for various scenarios)
How to use bracketing (if supported, allows you to take photographs with different exposure settings)
If you camera does not support bracketing you can do this manually by using the exposure compensation most cameras have and take photographs with normal and then -1 stop and 1 stop
How to turn on/off Anti -shake/Stabilization (if support)
White Balance (this can change the over warmth/coldness of a photograph)(If the camera supports auto white balance set it to auto)
If you have a cable release for your camera, then use that instead of the self-timer or normal shutter release
If you have filters for you camera, a - Star filter - will give you a nice twinkle effect on all the light and reflection sources in your photographs

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