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Since our founding in 1988, PaperDirect has been a leading supplier of designed desktop papers for businesses of every size, from small home offices to Fortune 500 companies. Headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado, PaperDirect provides customers with complete do-it-yourself communications solutions.

We are dedicated to helping you create and deliver powerful business messages and full-color pieces for every occasion. In 2004, PaperDirect introduced 2 new catalogs to our family, Kudos by PaperDirect and PaperDirect Events. Kudos by PaperDirect offers an extensive line of products to reward, recognize and motivate employees. PaperDirect Events offers themed papers for all occasions and events, making it easier to find a unique solution for your event. Our PaperDirect catalog continues to meet all of your business communication needs, from letterhead and business cards to certificates and invitations.

While competitors often try to copy our exclusive paper designs, they cannot duplicate the PaperDirect dedication to quality, consistency, and service. Our product development and quality control departments ensure that every product meets the strict demands of our company and our customers. We guarantee your 100% satisfaction.