Choosing The Right Grass Seed For Your Lawn

Grasses are not the same and sowing an off-the-shelf all-purpose lawn seed may result in a lawn that is patchy and not really suited to your needs. If you really want a great looking and good wearing lawn, you need to be selective about the type of grass seed you select. It should be noted that some grass types do not perform well if grown from seed, you may be better off bringing in turf, or planting plugs or sprigs.

When selecting your grass type, you need to consider factors such as your intended use for the lawn – will it need to take traffic; will children be frequently playing on it; or is it more for looks? You should also consider factors such as how much sunshine or shade the lawn will receive, the quality of the soil, and finally, how much work you are willing to put into your lawn. Some grasses are higher maintenance than others, often requiring mowing twice a week in the middle of summer, a good deep weekly watering, and regular fertilizing.

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