Indoor Fumigation Treatment for Bed Bugs Using compression sprayer

Indoor treatment of structure using compression sprayer. Apply DR. BENS EVICTOR on the floor, mop boards or floor molding, rugs, carpet, mattress and box spring, bed clothing, furniture and anywhere else those parasites or other insects might be. It will not stain or attract dirt. I suggest you use a tank type compression sprayer (included in the NATURES DEFENDER ERADICATION KITS). The commercial type sprayer will make it easier to get in the difficult places such as under furniture, beds etc. It will also provide a consistent delivery of the solution often difficult to do when using a trigger sprayer. Remember, you want to treat all areas as this product is considered a CONTACT KILLER and must either touch the insect or be inhaled by the pest to incur death. The odor of DR. BEN'S EVICTORâ„¢ is not offensive but somewhat overwhelming for a hour or two when total home treatments are conducted. Given a short amount of time, the atmosphere will evolve into a refreshing clear cedar closet aroma.
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