Typical Day In My Handyman Business?

It is a typical Tuesday morning. My cell phone rings (I've got my office phone forwarded to my cell).

The person calling is a friend of a lady we have done work for a few weeks ago. The lady we did the work for was so happy with what we did for her (we put up some crown molding in her dining room) I think she's told everyone she knows about our handyman business.

This friend of hers wants to know if I have time to do a tile backsplash in her kitchen before a party she's having this weekend. I told her I'd have to take a look at it but I didn't think it would be a problem. Once I arrive she tells me that she's called two other contractors and neither has returned her call.

After giving her a price she tells me to go ahead and do the job as soon as I can. She also asks me if I can put up some "grab bars" in a bathroom for her mother who is elderly and stills lives by herself.

While I am at the local big box home improvement store, picking up the grab bars, there's an older gentleman there looking at them. I give him a business card and he wants me to install a set of them at his house. (we do a lot of work for older people)

As I am leaving the store I get another call from a plumber I use. (He refers work to me and I use him for all the plumbing we need) He has a lady who wants a bathroom remodeled and like everyone else she wants it done yesterday.

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