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The bio-chemical researchers at Science Anabolics Labs International have hardcore engineered Deca-diboldazol to mimic the EXACT SAME increases of certain testosterone analogs found after administration of 350 mg. of Nandrolone Decanoate gear per week.

This means you will get MIND BLOWING muscle-building benefits analogous to the original Deca-noate (nandrolone deca-noate) drug first synthesized by German Scientists at the pharmaceutical giant I.G. Farben in 1934.

Want to start looking and feeling like you are on prescription-only Deca…without all the needles, infections, and potential legal problems? Deca-diboldazol is fast becoming the most popular performance enhancing legal anabolic in the world due to user reports that it forces your muscles to appear GRANITE-HARD and CHISELED OUT OF BRONZE by modulating the aromatization and metabolism of the female hormones estrogen and estradiol, and stimulating a massive increase in new cellular material (hyperplasia) giving you raw brutal muscle size and power.

Yes, Deca-diboldazol can help you pack on 2-3 inches to your arms, 3-5 inches on your quads, and develop a super-strong V-shaped back…virtually overnight. An On Cycle of Deca-diboldazol usually lasts 30-60 days. In that time frame, you will achieve HUGE size, strength, and muscular power increases, and you will stun your friends and family with your TOTAL body metamorphosis.

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