The Benefits of Nanny Sharing

The Benefits of Nanny Sharing. What Nanny Sharing Is. Nanny sharing, which is the practice of joint or co-employment of one nanny by more than one family concurrently, is a concept which has been gaining in popularity in recent years. Nanny sharing can involve a nanny caring for the children of multiple families at the same time and in the same.

Once you decide that nanny sharing is right for your family, you then must find a family that would be a good match for yours. Major differences in families can wreak havoc on a nanny sharing arrangement. What follows is a list of things your family should have in common with the other family that you choose to partner with for nanny sharing. (Note: if the shared nanny will not watch the children of both families at the same time and in the same place, some of the factors below will not apply.)
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