iTunes puts Signing Time app at the top of list for parents

When parents want to know what apps to get their child, Apple makes life easier by providing a list of their best family-friendly apps. The Signing Time app is in the top 3 iPhone apps for moms and dads – just under Elmo’s Monster Maker and BabyPhone – and just before Dora!

Signing Time iPhone Application
Here’s what Allie’s mom had to say about the Signing Time app:

This application is wonderful. My baby is starting to learn sign language. We now always have something with us to help us learn. While in the Dr’s waiting room the other day, we started to go through the flash cards. I was thrilled when we got to book and before I said anything she showed me the sign for book. I didn’t even know she knew it! She is also learning to “flip” the cards and shuffle through them. I never have to worry about bringing a book or something to entertain her now. I highly recommend this as well as the other Signing Time products.