Cardio, Aerobic Training, Fitness

Cardiovascular Training, called - cardio - for short, is a form of aerobic training. The goal of cardiovascular training is to strengthen the lungs and muscles of the heart. It refers to any activity that increases the heart rate above a normal level for a prolonged period of time. Most people engage in cardio activities to lose weight and burn fat.

The higher you raise your heart rate and the longer you raise it for, the more calories you can burn. Ideally you want to raise your heart rate to at least 50% of your maximum heart rate for 30 minutes or more. However, as you become more fit, you can increase your heart rate even further (up to 85% of your maximum) to increase your fitness and the number of calories you are burning.

Examples of cardio include: walking, jogging, running, tennis, basketball, step machines, elliptical machines, skipping, dancing, rowing, cycling, swimming and soccer. Really, cardio can be any exercise or work that you do that increases your heart rate.

Before beginning any new exercise program, consult with your doctor. You can also consult with a certified personal trainer for a more detailed exercise program to ensure you’re doing the exercises correctly and safely.

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