Lotions and Cremes, Natural Soap, Sunburn Remedies and Soap Accessories

On a trip to Bermuda, the makers of foreue were intrigued by a soap maker's display of her natural soap at an art festival. We had never considered how labor intense the process of soap making is until after we had spoken with her. We soon realized that an everyday product, like soap, is important for hygiene but further for the care and health of the skin.

Fascinated by the experience, the journey of creating an all plant-based natural soap began. Being vegetarian we already understood the benefits of eating and living green but we wanted healthy personal care products, too A few years later a green company, foreue, came into being.

The skin is affected everyday by the personal care products we use. Since toxins can enter the body through the skin, the use of distilled water rather than city water, essential oils rather than fragrance oils and the best plant sourced oils rather than animal or petroleum oils with no preservatives offers the best choices for our products and a healthy lifestyle.

Our customers can take comfort in knowing that only the best ingredients from nature that bring no harm to animals, yet bring high quality to humans are included in our formulas.

At foreue we want our products to WORK! We strive to educate and offer the best natural products possible and we want to do our part to make the world a greener place.