Benefits of Using Raw Shea Butter

When you talk about Raw Shea Butter you are referring to a natural product that has been made from the nut of a Shea tree that is not refined.
Raw simply means that no processing or chemicals have been used on the extracted Butter.

Sometimes Sodium Hydroxide is added to the raw butter to refine it. Although this process will remove some of the aroma from the butter it also removes beneficial proteins and phospholipids. Sodium Hydroxide is caustic.

Phospholipids allow water to bond with the oils contained in the butter. Removal of the phospholipids will result in the "water on a ducks back" scenario. You simply can not get the full moisturizing effect without phospholipids.
Remember that when chemicals are used, some of the chemicals stay in the final product.
There are other refinement methods used to treat the unrefined tree butter with similar results.