How to Clean and Care for Your Area Rug

Daily sweeping or vacuuming is not too often- although most carpets and rugs will settle for less. When rug is new, gather up fluff and clip loose fibers.

A thorough cleaning with the vacuum brush adjusted to pile height is a normal requirement for maintaining appearance and minimizing wear. Finish vacuuming in the same direction as the lay of the pile to eliminate shading. Change position of furniture slightly to relieve the effects of prolonged crushing. Work on new or reappearing stains or spots.

Clean thoroughly using one of several acceptable home cleaning methods: dry, absorbent powder; water and detergent shampoo; foam spray shampoo. While these methods are not a substitute for a deep down professional cleaning job, they will brighten the carpet surface. The secret of home cleaning is to take the extra trouble to remove as much of the cleaning agent suds or residue as possible. (To avoid the possibility of accidental shock, do not vacuum when carpets are wet.)