Benefits of Hand Made Rugs and Machine Made Rugs

If you buy a good hand-knotted rug from Persia or the Far East, you’ll get decades of use out of it in your lifetime and your children and grandchildren will get even more after you’re gone. There are documented cases of handmade rugs lasting hundreds of years. The potential for that hasn’t been seen yet with machine made rugs.

There are benefits to buying machine made if you have small children in your home and want to have floor covering that you don’t have to worry about. Some of the processes used today are pretty amazing. They make stain resistant, water resistant, and wear resistant carpeting that your kids can play on, spill on, and dump any number of vile concoctions on without you having to worry. Even if they do damage the carpet you can buy another for a fairly affordable price.

Of course, a handmade Oriental of Persian rug can also be durable and child resistant. The craftsmanship that goes into making items that last for centuries didn’t develop without the craftsmen thinking about potential damage.