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Since 1995, Angie Hicks has been dedicated to helping consumers get the real scoop on local service companies and health providers. Once a new resident of Columbus, Ohio, frustrated by how difficult it was to find the best contractors and doctors, Angie co-founded Angie’s List to collect reliable, unbiased consumer reviews and ratings.

Now, Angies List is the premier provider for reviews you can trust. For more than 1 million consumers in more than 200 cities across the United States and Canada, joining Angie’s List has helped make important hiring decisions easier.

It is what Angie envisioned when she set out door-to-door recruiting members and collecting reviews from friends and neighbors—a locally-focused service devoted to empowering consumers. Angies pursuit for trusted reviews has helped turn Angies List into a reliable resource which collects about 40,000 reviews a month from consumers across the United States and Canada.