Here is our story as told by one of our founders. Does it look familiar?

It all started a few years ago one day when I realized that I could not see the small dots between the numbers on my wristwatch. I thought it was a passing situation, probably not enough light or I was tired. It never crossed my mind that I may need reading glasses. About a week later, my 3 year old had a splinter in her foot. As she pointed to the splinter, I realized that no matter how much light I put on her foot I could not find the splinter. My daughter got up and hobbled over to a drawer and brought me a magnifying glass. Clearly seeing the splinter, and, by the way, successfully removing it, I realized that I needed to pay a visit to an eye doctor, an ophthalmologist.

My ophthalmologist gave me a basic eye exam. While in the examining chair one of the tests involved him holding up a card with a simple sentence while I peered through a device that looked like truncated binoculars. I was amazed at the clarity of the letters between a totally clear lens and one that had a slight magnification. My eye doctor explained to me the physiology of the human eye and changes that often occur with age that necessitates a “little help”. The condition is called Presbyopia. As expected, I was now joining the ranks of the millions that need a little help to see small things.

My ophthalmologist strongly recommended that I purchase from him a pair of reading glasses, which I did. They cost around $100.00 and made an incredible difference on my enjoyment of reading. He suggested that I use these for late night reading as well as during the day when I was on a computer. When I asked him about the reading glasses I kept seeing in racks at my local drugstore he told me it would be fine to pick up a few pair of these for those times when my prescription glasses were not around and I needed a “quick read”. I asked him for my magnification number which he gave me and off I went to my local drugstore where I chose a pair for $19.99.

It has been over 13 years since my first eye check up. Like anyone, I greatly value my sight and I see my ophthalmologist every year. As I get older and my prescription changes I have my eye care professional update the frames he has sold me in the past with current lenses. While these glasses are still pricey, they are worth every penny. Within a few days I go to my local drugstore get a new set of readers to put in all those drawers, glove compartments, tool boxes and my bicycle saddle bag.

Since I found that I was a repeat consumer of extra reading glasses, a few months ago I began to look into starting a company that sold these same types of glasses, readers at a lower price via the Internet. Here we are.

At Boomer Eyeware we have sourced manufacturers from all over the world and have come up with an assortment of reading glasses that are not only less expensive than you will find at drug and grocery stores, but also have great style and are of equal or better quality.
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