Our mission is to provide quality eyewear at unbeatable prices.
1. All our goods are purchased directly from the factory. This allows us to cut out a great deal of unnecessary expenditure by removing intermediate agencies, such as exporters, importers, wholesalers, and retailers. It is estimated that the average customer will save 15% over retail.

2. We use Web sales, instead of store sales. By lower overhead, we have also saved consumers approximately 5% over retail prices.

3. We purchase large quantities in the off-season, because a huge single purchase can get a very good discount, our procurement cost is about 70% of others. Thus we save another 10% of the retail price.

4. We use standardized packaging, which will reduce packaging costs. We do not use high-class packaging materials such as leather. What we use is very standardized, low-cost, and environmentally friendly materials. This saves about 10% of the prices.

5. We buy large quantity of overstock products at a very low purchase price. These products are mainly hot-selling products which are over-produced by the factory. Because of our quality control process, we guarantee our customers no quality problems exist.

6. Instead of chasing expensive fashion trends, we sell timeless, classic frame designs. These designs are generally cheaper to produce.

In view of the above cost reduction activities, we are able to sell at about 30% to 50% of the stores retail price, which will save you 50% to 70% of the total price.

Sharp overhead costs exist for retailers like LensCrafters or Pearle Vision has typically translated into margins of over 100% on most eyewear sold in the Unites States. These costs are passed onto consumers who end up paying an average retail price of $174 (Jobson Publishing in 2001) for a pair that costs one-tenth of that to manufacture.

Pioneering e-retailers like are actively trying to break the myth that fashionable eyewear is prohibitively expensive and only designer. is able to sell ultra-trendy, high quality prescription eyeglasses at competitive prices because they have lean organization structures with lower costs from being online. I was incredibly pleased with the glasses I received from For $60 (including shipping) I got glasses that I have paid nearly $300 for in the past, said a satisfied customer.

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