NovaWhite - Our Mission

Through significant investments in research and development, this evolution in tooth whitening was borne from our concentration on a very specific set of parameters-the history of trends and organizational dynamics happening in response to changes in the healthcare environment. Along the way, some interesting trends about the nature of healthcare delivery became quite apparent. As a primary area of interest, we addressed the role of rational myths or belief systems on which health care delivery paradigms are based.
The general public is somewhat uneducated in areas concerning healthcare delivery systems. This lack of knowledge breeds intimidation and thus an inherent dependence on what little information is made available to the general public. Unfortunately, major marketing firms and PR giants largely control and spin the information available through mass media. We realized the need to educate consumers with factual information (not marketing trickery), to empower and encourage these consumers to make their own informed decisions.

After much research into these complex relationships, social considerations and marketing hierarchies we finally were able to unmask the hidden agendas and marketing methodologies in the constantly evolving marketplace of today. In the age of the internet, drastic increases in product availability has caused a new kind of chaos in a new kind of marketplace.

It is no longer necessary for non-invasive cosmetic products to be dispensed solely from a doctor’s office. Doctor’s are bound by a very strict code of ethics, integrity, and professionalism to ensure the well being of their patients. Unfortunately, product manufacturers, marketing companies, and public relations firms are not. Without the need for doctor endorsements and regulation by strict medical governing bodies, the selling of such cosmetic products has largely been taken over by those who manufacture the products. The sales responsibilities are then outsourced to marketing firms hired to promote sales and increase profit margins. The result has been increasingly diluted product quality and less than true marketing campaigns targeted at increasingly confused consumers.

As a result of our exhaustive research, we have become very familiar with modern trends in the tooth whitening marketplace as well as the general shift in attitude from providing a social service to increasing profit margins at all costs. We find this to be quite unsettling. Thus, our agenda and objectives have pioneered a course quite different than that of the popular majority.

By demystifying the tooth whitening process we will educate the public. We will then inform consumers on products in the marketplace and the advantages, disadvantages, truths and falsities of claims made for each. Thus the choice is left with the consumer.

You will find that we do not make outrageous claims or force pushy marketing campaigns upon consumers. NovaWhite is here to stay and will lead by example for the greater good. We are confident that the informed consumer will recognize our product to be superior, our customer service unmatched and our prices unbeatable. Coupled with a state of the art intelligent integration and delivery system we will continuously prove to be the leaders in at-home tooth whitening treatments in the marketplace today.